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The music industry’s digital music viral market place is now the new retail giant. With one click of the mouse, you now have an international global market consumer. Music is the engine of the digital world. We are now experiencing the globalization of music distribution. Digital music is fueling innovation – Apple, iCloud, Amazon, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Spotfy, Twitter, etc. are all using music platforms in digital marketing. The globalization of music measures the world with a key stroke and a click. With one click of the mouse, you now have an international global market consumer within the social media forum; your income diversification is unlimited.

Your consumer is now ready to buy on multiple digital platforms. We invite you to the new delivery system in the music industry that is now global. The music industry now has an international consumer with a click of a mouse...the Digital Music platform is the new technology with multiple streams of income. The earning potential is now -- Unlimited.


Artist: Androgena Rama

Release Date: Single(s) Summer 2018 Album (2018) Summer/Fall

Label: Krsna Inc, Krsna World Entertainment/Bungalo/Universal Music Distribution

Configuration: Digital/Physical

Genre: Rock-Classic Rock-Metal-Metal Soul

Hometown: New York City

Projected Top Markets USA: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Nashville, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, Cleveland, Memphis

International Top Markets: Japan, Germany, France, Australia, Netherlands, Russia, Canada, Brazil, China, Sweden

Projected Artist Benchmark: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Queen, Rolling Stones, ABBA, Eagles, U2, Genesis, Dire Straits, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, Def Leppard, the Who, KISS, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Shadows Fall, Lacuna Coil, Michael Jackson, Prince

Current Marketing Drivers:


  • The Label as secured an exclusive relationship with the Legendary Studio “Chung

King” in New York City to record. Chung King Studios has produced records that have

sold over 300 million copies and generated over $4.5 billion in sales. Artists such as The

Beastie Boys, RUN-D.M.C, LL Cool J, NAS, Notorious BIG, Beyonce, Lady Gaga

and Jay Z have benefited by recording at this house of hits.

  • Alex Bodnar, an innovative game changing hit maker who has worked with the likes of

Creed, RBD, Utada Hikaru and many others will lead the creative forces to deliver

successful commercial releases.

  • Ron Saint Germain has come on board as the key game changer with his engineering

and production skills that have earned his projects 18 Grammy nominations, with 12


  • Alvin Moody, Producer is a Russell Simmons protégé. Alvin has produced & helped launch the music careers of Whitney Houston, Cher, Patti Labelle, the late Luther Vandross, Stephanie Mills, the recent sensation Gavin Degraw, to name a few.

  • The label is already into the production phase having recorded numerous songs to be used as an introduction to the distribution partner and other marketing/promotions outlets.


Artist Bio Overview:

ANDROGENA RAMA IS AN ORIGINAL LEAD SINGER, MUSICIAN - FRONT MAN - ENTERTAINER WITH EXCELLENT IMAGE AND STYLE, WITH PRINCE MEETS AEROSMITH TYPE VOCALS, WITH A GUNS N ROSES TOUCH AND A PINCH OF LENNY KRAVITZ.  A MICHAEL JACKSON PERSONA AND A MARILYN MANSON ATTITUDE. HE KNOWS WHO HE IS AND HE IS NO ONE'S CLONE. ANDROGENA RAMA OF THE NEW GROUP ROYAL KRSNA IS AN ORIGINAL, SOPHISTICATED, DANGEROUS UP AND COMING NEW ARTIST.  Androgena Rama of Royal Krsna is a unique artist who needs no definition; he’s the ultimate cross-over: He writes, arranges and produces all of his music. He plays several instruments and is an excellent dancer. His persona and stage presence could only be categorized as elite. 

Viral/Online Strategy:

  • Make sure that the artist has a dominating presence on such social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, MySpace and others.
  • The label will also create a strong presence on Linkedin to influence and develop new relationships across the board that will enhance the visibility of the artist.
  • We will explore advertising across all top social media platforms as it is a way to connect with the billions of people, who are consistently in dialogue with their favorite platforms on a daily basis.


  • We will look at generating such things as artist interviews, contests, merchandise partnerships and tour support opportunities with such outlets as Revolver, ClassicRockMagazine, Decibel Magazine, Metal Hammer, MOJO, NME (7 million users per month), Paste, Rolling Stone, Sonic Seducer, Spin and many others in the music, fashion and Film world.
  • Our online strategy shall also consist of possibly partnering with up and company technology companies that are looking at the music culture to launch such things as Apps for phones and other Android devices.
  • The label will also have artist content in the form of videos and music circulating on top music sites such as Pandora, Yahoo Music, Google Play, Soundcloud, Tunein, LastFM, AllMusic, Rdio and many others. 

Digital Retail Strategy:

  • Once we have secured a release date for the single(s) we will insure that proper placements are showcasing the artist/single on such top DSPs as iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, eMusic, Nokia Music, Samsung Music Hub, Rhapsody, T-Mobile, AT&T Wireless, VEVO, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, MTV and many others.
  • The digital retail market is driven by sales of singles, in order to attain this demand we will focus on two of the main destinations that people look to discover new music to buy YouTube and Radio. We will create content that will drive consumers to the top DSPs buy creating artist teasers, interviews, webisodes, exclusive content and more.
  • The wireless market releases various new devices every year; we will explore partnering with any of the carriers that can provide a promotion for the artist singles(s) or album by including the content on the new phones as they hit the market.
  • We will explore key exclusive promotions on the artist content with new DSPs Beats Music and Deezer which will launch in the USA 2018.
  • We will make sure that our distribution partner can launch successful solicitations of all new music to all tops DSPs outside of the North America.
  • Mobile stores and Apple stores have become involved in direct consumer to artist promotions by utilizing their retail spaces for meet and greet, private performances and other concepts, we will look into this as the release dates come into play.
  • Explore into discounting of the new single(S) and album as they become available for the first two weeks or so.
  • Our overseas physical campaign will consist of licensing the album to top distributors around the world in which the label receives a licensing fee and the distributor markets and promotes the album to their respective consumers in their territories.

Physical Retail Strategy:

  • To create the demand at Physical Retail we will need radio and touring to be very active in the form of multiple tour dates and extensive radio plays in projected top sales markets.
  • Top Physical Music Retailers such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Transworld will be targeted with aggressive coop advertising dollars for proper product placement and pricing for release date.
  • Other accounts such as NewBury Comics, Rasputins, Bull Moose, Amoeba, Other Music, Electric Fetus and Barnes & Noble will also be targeted with aggressive coop advertising dollars.
  • One-Stop music distributors such as Select-O-Hits and Alliance Entertainment will also be solicited with new release material for their accounts that they sell to as well.
  • Non-Traditional accounts such as Guitar Music Center, Hot Topics, Spencer Gifts and AAFES will also be solicited for potential selling of music to its customers.
  • Through are distribution partner we will utilize the b2b site to create a coop budget that will insure proper pricing and placement in stores for release date. We will also look into getting a front page or back page spread on the new release book that the distributors send out to all of its retail partners.
  • If the artist has secured a tour we will explore partnering up with one of the top retailers for venue sales at the tour.
  • Look into creating exclusive limited edition music piece that can be sold exclusively at all independent stores that participate in Record Store Day.
  • Look into potential instore appearances that are tied into a tour in that specific market.

Radio Strategy:

  • Even though we are shooting for a huge market in terms of sales, we still have to build the artist at radio, which is still the place that people go to listen to and discover new music.
  • Radio campaigns are incredibly expensive, whether handled by an indie radio person or handled by the distributor, which in most cases now they want you to come in with a radio story that they can help build on.
  • We will target such radio outlets as Sirius XM Radio (Liquid Metal) and target key stations in the cities of Pittsburgh, Portland OR, Providence RI, Columbus OH, Indianapolis, Tempe AZ, Cincinnati OH, Philadelphia, Baltimore and San Diego out the box to get some stability and grow the radio story to larger markets.
  • Once we have engaged radio stations, we will make the artist available to them for radio station drops, in person or phone interviews to air live, potential promo shows that are hosted by the radio station(s) in which the artist(s) perform.
  • Utilize the key stations as well when we have the artist tour in that market for contest giveaways.

Touring Strategy:

  • The bigger touring strategy will happen once we have laid out a grassroots approach to smaller venues to grow the artist’s visibility doing live shows.
  • We will target such outlets as SXSW, PitchFork Music Festival and CMJ Music Festival to build a buzz at smaller venues.
  • Once we have established a release date for single(s) and album we will get the artist on the road to as many venues as possible with the potential to do over 300 shows at smaller venues to build the brand.
  • At some point when we have executed and achieved maximum radio play and sales we will look at the services of a top booking agency that can book the artist at larger venues or package the artist with other groups.
  • The label will secure potential sponsorships with brands in the Beverage, Fashion, Automobile, Music Equipment and other industries to offset marketing and production costs of touring.
  • We will look at the possibility of a college tour in the fall of 2014 to introduce the artist to the 18-24 year demo.
  • The touring strategy will also target the baby boomer audience with the artist possibly being the opening act for a major act that is popular with the baby boomer market as well.
  • We will sell artist merchandise consisting of CDs, T-shirts, Hats, Posters and other swag to the concert goers.
  • We will also look at major music festivals in the domestic market and overseas as the popularity of the artist increases.
  • At some point when the artist has reached a maximum demand for his music we will explore taping and selling live performances through such outlets as Netflix and Hulu. Pay per view and direct broadcast to TV will also be explored.

Press Strategy:

  • Traditional Press has taken a backseat nowadays to what people see and hear on all social media platforms that the label will cover with various marketing and promoting initiatives.
  • However, TV and Newspapers have a direct affect on consumers as well. As part of our press & publicity campaigns we will explore the possibilities of TV appearances on some of the top rated late night shows which break new acts, same goes for morning shows as well.
  • Key newspapers such as USA Today, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and others will be solicited for potential music reviews of the artist’s music. More non-traditional outlets like all Time Out magazines, Village Voice, The Onion and others will be targeted as well. 
  • Most of the tradtional music magazines have an online component which we will target with our online campaign, but we will solicit the main ones for potential front covers, main interviews and other opportunities. Some of these magazines include Billboard, Rolling Stone and other similar music culture magazines.
  • We will also explore non-music magazines for potential coverage of the artist as well; these could include Skateboard and Snowboarding Magazines, Fashion Magazines, Health Magazines and others as well.


Video Strategy:

  • The label will develop and produce videos of the artist and his music which will be used to promote his visual and audio performances on such outlets as MTV, FUSE, YouTube, Vevo and others.
  • The video will also be an important component in selling the music to all the digital and physical retailers around the world, consumers will have the opportunity to purchase the videos as well through an enhanced CD or through their preferred DSP.
  • The quality of the videos will be such that we can submit them for consideration for some of the video music award shows around the world.
  • Develop Video Premier broadcast with one of the top video music outlets.


Non-Traditional Marketing/Promotions Strategy:

  • The label will focus very strongly on forging relationships with many brands that can be an asset to the label and the artist in either a financial commitment, product endorsement opportunities, creating a new product or line utilizing the artist likeness or music and more.
  • While grassroots marketing is utilized in many ways, we will explore wrapping a tour bus with the artist likeness, hand to hand distribution of swag at all concerts that either our artist is playing at or a similar artist.
  • Create swag that can be sent to some of the key independent retail music accounts that can be used as a buy this, get one free campaign, free giveaways in the form of postcards, posters, beer coasters for bars that cater to Heavy Metal and Rock music.
  • Direct to consumer advertising utilizing TV, Radio, email, mail and free events.
  • Have the artist participate in events that could be for a charitable cause.
  • Once the artist has gained a strong hold of his consumer, develop a possible reality TV series/show based on the grueling grind that made him reach the top of the music world.
  • When the artist tours around the world, forge relationships with hotels, airline carriers and limo services for potential marketing partnerships.

TV/Film Music Placements Strategy:

  • The label will look into forging a deal with a top publishing company such as Sony ATV, Warner Chappell, Reservoir, Kobalt and others.
  • The label will work with its licensing partner to place music from the artist on such outlets as New Films, TV Shows, Sports Shows, Video Games, Music Compilations, and Brands in the Beverage, Fashion, and Automobile industries as well.
  • The artist will also submit written songs that can be recorded and released by other artists as well.
  • The label will look to capitalize on high profile events such as Tribeca Film Festival, Midem, Sundance Film Festival, New Music Seminar, ByLarm, Winter Music Conference, ASCAP EXPO, SF Music Tech Summit, Billboard & Hollywood Reporter Conference, Billboard Touring Conference & Awards and other to increase the visibility of the artist and the label by securing opportunities to exploit the music the label & artist release. 

Contact Us: New York Corporate Office Tel: (646) 651-3673 

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