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Investor Relations


Business Overview of KRSNA World Entertainment, LLC


Welcome, to The Age of Metal Soul - today's new Rock & Roll...
you've heard it before, but not like this.

For your further due diligence purposes.  Please feel free to call the office 
212-222-7305. We can set up a conference call with our CEO, Steve Buckley & our Marketing Director, Frank Toro  for further questions or conversations.

Our immediate concern is the $250,000 (of the $500,000) for the release of a single and a video, along with a  viral campaign of our digital EP Up Pops the Joker. which will serve as the promotion for our debut album Royal Krnsa’s "Wild Child, Power Rising"  in 2018.

Here are our investmenopportunities:
  • Project 1 - Debut EP titled "Up Pops The Joker" with the release of a 2018 album titled Royal Krsna's "Wild Child - Power Rising"
  • Or, overall - have an investment interest in the Indy Record Label/Krsna World Entertainment LLC 
We are an independent record label with major distribution who has attracted high profile music executives and Grammy Award winning producers because of our signed act Royal Krsna featuring front man Vestasian Rama.

Our sole purpose is to implement our innovative strategy of creating and marketing our music projects. We have an extraordinary Coalition of artists, writers, arrangers and producers.  We are now experiencing the globalization of music distribution/Digital music with it's international  consumer.  One click of a mouse can change your life and build a musical empire in record time.  Look what was done in the past... 


Case in point...Tommy Mottola, of Sony Records, signed the artist Michael Jackson. In the time of their relationship, Michael made Sony Records, not millions, but billions of dollars. This was one artist.

Case in point....Russell Simmons, industry mogul, billionaire; built his Def Jam Empire with one artist, LL Cool J. . .the rest is history.  PS- our strategic production partner is John King, industry legend and owner of the famous Chung King Studios "House of Metal" aka "House of Hits". He helped build Def Jam and established Hip Hop/Rap as a globabrand...and will do the same with our label, artist and brand/Metal Soul.  See this short video - 


The Label as secured an exclusive relationship with the Legendary Studio “Chung King in New York City to record. Chung King Studios has produced records that have sold over 300 million copies and generated over $4.5 billion in sales. Artists such as The Beastie Boys, RUN-D.M.C, LL Cool J, NAS, Notorious BIG, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Jay Z have benefited by recording at this house of hits. 

Case in point...P Diddy, Sean "Puffy" Combs, owner of Bad Boy Entertainment, built his empire on one artist...and that artist was Biggie Smalls. The rest is history. 

Case in point... Damon Dash's one time partner Jay-Z was turned down by all the record labels. They couldn't see it, they couldn't feel it, and they couldn't hear it. So, Dash & Jay-Z went out and raised their own money and started their own label, and the rest is history 

Creed, not a very well known band, made their company over $1 billion dollars....and one of their top producers is on our team, Alex Bodnar.

All you need is one! And, we are building a coalition of many! 


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Androgena Rama is an androgynous enigma....   
  He has a nature of a God and a mentality of an emperor.

Let's conquer the world....Embrace the greatness.

This is the Age of Metal Soul
Today's new Rock &'ve heard it before, but not like this.

Up pops the joker - dEBUT EP 2018

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Let's Ride             

Back in Black                   

  Super Natural                           


Everybody Say Yeah            

   Strong as Rome         

©2013 Wild Child Muzac 


"It's exciting to have a vision, to persuade people to invest in what you're building, and a privilege to see it play out, despite many a miserable and hard day."    

Robin Chase, Co-founder, Zipcar

"Normal rules don't apply."  - Sam Walton, Founder of Wal-Mart

"It's important that the established artist is challenged by another generation."

- Peter Sellers


Creative entrepreneurs with passion, with visual concepts, are usually the ones who manifest ground breaking
ideas that seem to come out of nowhere, find their audience and then spreads like wildfire.
It's about vision + projects = transforming commercial ideas into created capital.

Welcome to Krsna Inc, Krsna World Entertainment LLC

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"Except the Lord build the house
, they labor in vain that build it”    Psalm 127

For further information, please contact

Krsna World Entertainment  ~  (646) 651-3673 

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